What is Jeevan Pramaan?

Jeevan Pramaan, Life certificate online

It is Aadhar based Digital Life Certificate(DLC) for pensioners using Registered Biometric device for authentication. Due to the DLC a pensioner need not to be present personally before the bank or disbursing authority. They can easily access the digitally stored certificate whenever required. Hence the need for the physical submission is eliminated. 

Jeevan Pramaan is the Life Certificate or the Existence certificate that has to be submitted by the pensioners every year to their respective pension disbursing agency/authority/ banks in order to let them know that the pension holder is alive and he/she is the only one who is receiving the pension.

If the pension holder does not submits his/her Life Certificate their pension stops immediately until they submit it. That's why it is recommended to fill and submit the Jeevan Pramaan on time every year.

Jeevan Pramaan is the Hindi name for 'Life Certificate' and also is called so because it has a dedicated website by the Govt. of India with the name "Jeevan Pramaan" for Existence certificate. 

As the submission of Life Certificate is now digital also and it can be filled and submitted by the pensioners from the comfort of their homes with the help of a computer and a Fingerprint scanner [recommended by the Govt and not the ones that comes with Laptops and Smartphones].

Pensioners can also manually fill the paper form and submit it physically but with the existing situation of Covid-19, submitting it digitally is the best and the safest option.

Why best?

It is because when you fill it manually there are chances that they mistakenly forget to update it and will call you again to submit it. Causing you trouble in crediting your pension to your account. It happens a lot of times with a lot of pensioners.

Other thing is that you don't really know how much time will it take to submit it in your bank branch, they might call you again next day as the queue got long and you didn't get your turn. 

It is not good for the senior citizens especially in this time of the pandemic. It is not good at all whether its pandemic or not, PSUs must have a better management for these kind of things to serve their customers better. 

They must have a separate desk/counter for this work as it is not a 12 month job, only a month is required. Anyways...


Due to their mistake you will be the one who has to suffer the consequences of your pension being stopped from the immediate next month and you become confused that you submitted it yourself and it's not updated yet. 

It happens a lot of times with many senior citizen pension holders visiting more than once for re-filling and submitting the certificate by standing in queues.

But thanks to the Digital India initiative by the Govt.,  submitting their Life Certificate is no more a problem for pensioners.

The only thing requires is the technical knowledge of doing it and it saves a lot of time and re-visits to the bank/agency/offices.

Banks have now started biometric mode of submitting the Life Certificate itself instead of paper work. Many Public sector banks are now Digitally submitting the Life Certificate of their pension holders using the same methodology of biometric authentication.

But there's too a common problem, mismanagement. 

They do multitasking and that's why they have to juggle between the regular bank work and submitting the Jeevan Pramaan Patra of the pensioners. And because of this the submission process couldn't take place on time. They have a common problem - of server not working or finger prints not matching etc.. please come again tomorrow.

The Only solution is-

Digitally submit the Jeevan Pramaan Patra from your home using either your smartphone or PC/Laptop.


You can also do it from the Post Office, Common Services Centers (CSC)/Jan Suvidha Kendra, Cyber Café near your home to do the same.

The Jeevan Pramaan portal/App will automatically notify your bank or the disbursing authority about the authentication and the submission of the certificate by the pension holder.

This is the easy and hassle free method of Life Certificate submission.

DLC need a few things to proceed - Aadhar number, Mobile number, E-Mail ID, PPO number, Name of the pensioner, Disbursing authority, Bank Account Number.

So before proceeding, note down every thing mentioned above on a paper and keep the Mobile number with you to receive the OTP. This will be very helpful if you choose to submit it at the CSCs or Post Office or a Cyber Café. Helpful also if doing it at home too.


There's a new update that the Indian Postal Department will now help pensioners in submitting their digital life certificate with the help of post masters and 'Grameen Daak Sevak'.

check the following tweet:-

They will be carrying a smartphone and a biometric device with them and will come to your door to help you in submitting your certificate. This is very helpful for pensioners living in the Rural areas.

Though for people living in the cities, Post Offices are already doing it as announced by them earlier this year. They have a CSC counter for this.

  • So the pensioners have these options now - 
  • Self Submit it at home via computer or smartphone.
  • Submit it at the Jan Suvidha Kendra near your location.
  • Submit it at your nearest Post Office.
  • Submit it a cyber café near you.
  • Contact Postal Department using Postinfo app (from Google Playstore) for post master to come at your place to help you submit it.

Therefore, submitting your Life Certificate is now an easy task with the Govt. helping in providing more than one options for the pensioners to easily submit their Life Certificates on time digitally.

Else Physical submission is also there if you can manage to go out and get it attested by a designated authority. Though some of the banks/disbursing agencies have totally stopped using paper mode of submission and adopted the digital medium but still there are many who are accepting both modes of operations.

Life certificate online, Jeevan Pramaan
November 2020 data

Hope you find this post informative, will keep it updating.

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