I created this blog Jeevan Pramaan Guide to help out the Pensioners in filling and submitting their Life Certificates online. The idea to create this blog came when I came to know the difficulties my mother, who is a pensioner, faced in submitting her Life Certificate every year. 

9 out of 10 times it was not submitted by the bank's end after herself going to the bank to verify it in November and as a result of this her pension got stopped immediately the next month and to resume that she again had to go to the bank to re-submit it. And it was every year's story.

So after the pandemic situation, I got to know about the new facility by the Govt. for Online Submission of Life Certificates for Pensioners. I came to know that it is an easy, comfortable, reliable and most accurate way of submitting the Life Certificate. The pensioners don't have to physically submit the certificates in front of the authorities as the Submission through the Aadhaar enabled Biometric devices is Legal or Legitimate way of submission as the fingerprints/retina scans can be obtained from the original person and can be verified by the Aadhaar database for the authentication.

So from that day we decided to use this method of submission instead. Just takes 2-3 minutes of our time and its done.

The biometric device we used is the fingerprint scanner by Mantra and the Jeevan Pramaan software from the official Jeevan Pramaan website.

I have made posts displaying the step by step procedures of how a pensioner can do the settings and how he/she can submit their certificates using the technology at hands. Though there are centers to submit it other than homes in case the pensioner can't do it or other reasons, but other than that it is very useful and reliable method.

I hope that this blog helps the pensioners learn in submitting, downloading, viewing their Life certificates and they will do it effortlessly every year.

I would also like to thank the Govt. for introducing this method to help the pensioners at a large extent.

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